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Shropshire Telford Pallets Recycling

Established in 2009 with over 10 years experience in the pallet supply industry, Shropshire Pallet Recycling has grown steadily and sustainable through some challenging times. Initially focused on the collection and resale of good second hand pallets to the trade we have evolved as a business to include repairs to pallets.

The realization that the pallet supply chain requires professionalism and reliability led us to deal directly with the end user, the customer. We believed we could offer a better service supplying recycled/repaired pallets direct to the customer than what was available. Through direct communication and a thorough understanding of consumer needs SPR offers great value engineering to pallet supply challenges.

Four years on, we have outgrown our original site and have recently relocated to a larger site in the centre of Telford. Our new home of operations affords us a large warehouse in which we currently employ a professional team of staff, repairing and recycling, grading pallets and manufacturing custom size pallets. We also stock a diverse range of pallets to satisfy those times when our customers fall short of supply.

With a growing reputation for a consistent, reliable service having secured long term contracts with freight forwarders and couriers, clothing and packaging companies, you can be confident that we have the pallet supply solution for you.  A testament to our operation is that we also supply other pallet supply companies with our pallets.


The solution to your pallet supply challenge!


We are a fully registered Waste Carrier, all items removed from site are accounted for and invoices/receipts issued in accordance with company procedures. We take the impact on the local environment very seriously and we encourage you to adopt the same attitude. Demand to see this license when anyone removes waste from your site…

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